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News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2015 ADIPEC News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2015 SEG and Achieved a Great Success News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2015 SPE ATCE and Achieved a Great Success 简讯:地球物理勘探大会第84届年会系列报道(二) Range公司董事长Sam爵士率代表团访问恒泰艾普 简讯:2014年第76届EAGE年会系列报道(一)

LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd (LandOcean hereinafter), located in the Silicon Valley of China, is one of the largest listed joint-stock oil service companies in China specialized in oil exploration & development and relevant software. The company serves the oil and gas industry in a wide scope – from technology research on oil & gas exploration, development and production, to R&D and ...



News: 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2014 Report (One)

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Seismic Data Processing
Integrated Reservoir Characterization&Interpre
Reservoir Development
Database&Geological Mapping
Reservoir Development
Reservoir Study
Seismic Data Processing

The trend of seismic data processing develops with the needs of oil/gas exploration and exploitation. The innovation of geophysical exploration theory and method is the only correct approach to resolve the world’s common problems to be encountered in the future. These problems in general are:

● Seismic acquisition & processing in mountainous

● Hydrocarbon Reservoir Detection

● Lithology and Geological Body Interpretation

● Reservoir Spectral Imaging and Interpretation

Seismic Data Processing Modified


1. Detailed Reservoir Description
Reservoir description is an essential technology throughout every stage of field development. It builds on detailed division of stratigraphic framework and focuses on accurate depiction of spatial distribution of reservoir, effective reservoir property, as well as reservoir fluids. The end product of reservoir description is ....

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